In these notes you will find information about the photographs that I have taken. There are dates, locations and random thoughts about each image. This is an ongoing project, like a blog, and I will be adding more content as we go along.

Troll Hollow
On a beautiful summer morning I entered the waters of Warm Springs Creek where it meets Strawberry Creek at the trail head of the South Lake Trail of Lake Sonoma Recreational Area via Old Skaggs Springs...
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Botta Buena
Botta Buena. The name honors the architect of the building in the back, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the building in the foreground, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.Mario Botta designed...
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Virticular Pastelization
To describe this image I had to invent words. I spend many hours naming my photographs. A name can change your perception of what you are seeing or enhance it. Some names come easy, others you have to...
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