I like this photograph. All of the elements in it are pleasing to my eye. The colors, contrast and shapes. I also have this thing about fences in my images. In real life I am not a big fan of fences. Don’t fence me in. I do find them to be a wonderful texturing effect in a photograph. Keep an eye out for more images here that use fences more intensely.
This photograph is the only one I took on this day. When I visit large cities I make sure that I travel through the oldest industrial areas I can find. With no course in mind I wend my way through the streets looking for these hidden dioramas of urban art.
This building is an abandoned ink factory built around 1906 and produced ink into the 1990’s. Here is a link to a short history of the site.

1326-1404 Fourth Street at Camelia Street
Berkeley, California
July 16, 2005